Bring on the women.

Updated February 9th, 2021.

Women are in charge on both sides of the aisle for the first time ever. And, the radical change of the political universe has come with its pros and contras. Yet, it is a very welcome change. 

For one, men are terrified! For this is a man's world about to be shattered in a zillion pieces...

Women are taking over and you better believe it. I personally do have my own experiences to support such a statement and I will explain myself later, but...

First things first!

The nomination of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's VP was not another political stunt out of necessity. Joe Biden was atop of his game for the first time in a long time and had a very clear shot at the trophy, the presidency of the United States of America. He, certainly, did not need a woman to disguise his own shortcomings or as a long shot try at the elusive megamillions jackpot. In fact, it may be that not even Joe was aware of the actual meaning of choosing a female VP, today. For, in the end, the flashy female candidate he picked would help bring down this man's world he was so used to himself and, for sure, we are sick of.

Only two other women were added to a presidential ticket before Kamala Harris. Both came in and out unnoticed.

Walter Mondale flipped a coin and picked Geraldine Ferraro. Walter was a sure loser against Reagan and he most probably knew it.. So, to say it in a trumpian way, it was what it was. Unfortunately, playing the feminist game was a lame last shot and it didn't work... as expected. The Mondale-Ferraro team won a mere 13 electoral votes and Ronald Reagan easily crossed the finish line.

Sarah Palin didn't have better luck with John McCain, another pretender to the crown facing an immensely popular rival. Choosing a female companion was probably not John's idea. So much so, that rumor has it the presidential candidate was not his full self the day he picked Sarah. It was, at the very end, another pseudo-feminist hand that turned out a flop.

What about Hillary?

Another woman, Hillary Clinton, played the game yet on her own terms...and lost, too. But, at least, she did not play a what-else-is-left second fiddle to a king lion. She lost, though, partly because men can't stand a winning woman. And, I mean men on both sides of the aisle! In her case, it was someone precisely on her side of the aisle, namely Bernie Sanders, who helped sinking her down with an all-fronts war. As a matter of fact, Sanders' attitude most probably gave Donald Trump the presidency of the United States. 

2020 is a whole different ball game.

Joe Biden was not crying for help. He was not pleading for a please-help-me-share-the-blame-maybe-women-vote-for-me-if-you-join-me second-hand store puppet. This time around the fight was not about who was the most likable candidate. It was about America and a pretty face wouldn't cut it.

For one, times have brutally changed in the last four years. If I had to thank Donald Trump for anything, it would be for firing up the social conversation. Not that he wanted to. His antiques, his disdain for the most basic rules of social and human behavior, and his dictatorial manners have brought on the polarizing of an  already fragile society and people have willingly faced the challenge.

Young people, Afro Americans, minorities, and women...YES, WOMEN...have stepped up to the plate with a big stick and the pitcher, namely the man of yore, doesn't have much gas left in the tank. This ball game is about to get exciting!

Why Kamala?

For a start, she is today the preface to a future world of she-bosses. Put it this way, women are not afraid anymore to show their feelings and go their own way relentlessly. That bothers a lot of men.

Try going back to the 80's for a second. A young white woman back then would have thought hard and long before dating a black man. She would have had to fight her own family and friends. She would have been tagged a filthy pig. She would have been stigmatized forever.

This is 2020, though.

One of my friends, a beautiful Jamaican mulata told me once about her parents. Her mother was a white American woman who had moved to Jamaica in the late 70's. There she met my friend's father. A Rasta. A believer in downpression. The white woman and the rasta married and my friend was born.

Things were pretty bleak in Jamaica back then and my friend's parents had to make the hardest decission. Her mother was not that healthy and her chances of getting a job in America were very slim. To make things worse, she was white and...he was black. That was not a great combination back then. A sick white woman married to a black man was a recipe for disaster. Thus, my friend's father took her by the hand and moved to America. That was the last time my friend saw her mother.

That's unthinkable, today. But, it was a common tale a few years ago. Today, women do not really care. Nothing seems to be stopping them now. Black or white, single or married, they know how to take care of themselves and are more than willing to scream it out loud from the top of their lungs.

Women, too, are the main reason why today so many ghettos have become working class neighborhoods where blacks and latinos build responsible communities, residents go to work everyday and children attend school on a regular basis. For women are mothers and that says a lot. I've seen it done. I've seen crime-ridden neighborhoods turned into peaceful places because women are in charge of their children's playground.

You may try as hard as you want. It won't work.

Our country is on the verge of a revolution, a female one. Young, strong, and foremost female characters who are part of the game now and nobody is going to stop them.

The macho world is coming to an end and macho men are a species in disgrace. Sooner rather than later they will have to adapt to the signs of the time or die a manly death.