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Cauley Square, history in the middle of nowhere.

Fountain Deck at Cauley Square

It all started like everything else back then...with agriculture and a railroad. 

Cities in the United States boomed around the railroad and south Florida is not different. In the early days, the Redlands needed a more efficient way to move agricultural products around and Henry Flagler and his railroad came to the rescue. One of the beneficiaries of the new era in transportation was William Cauley who was looking for a better way of transporting his own products.

Also, Cauley owned 10 acres of land and was able to solve the logistic problems any major transportation operation implies. Employee housing was built and, with it, bars, and even brothels soon filled an otherwise deserted area. Not much time passed before the whole neighborhood gained an ill reputation.

Today, Cauley Square is still standing. The old warehouse cum office has stoically resisted the passing of time and visitors now are greeted by stores and restaurants in a lush paradise where peacocks roam freely. There is a lot of history in this place, for sure. If you ever venture south of Miami, Cauley Square alongside Schnebly and Coral Castle remains a must-see stop.

Bridge Deck at Cauley Square

22400 Old Dixie Hwy, Main Building - Second Floor
Miami, Florida 33170, USA
T: 1 (305) 258 3543
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